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The Red Baron flunked his test flight and 9 other facts

red baron

1. Manfred von Richthofen was really a baron, from the von Richthofen Prussian baronial family.

2. An uncle of his was an early developer in Denver and built Richthofen Castle there.

3. Richthofen’s squadron, known as the Flying Circus, was painted mostly red, to symbolize blood and death to the enemy, but only Richthofen’s aircraft was completely red, acknowledging his leadership.

4. He was a cavalryman on the Russian front first, and was afraid there might not be any fighting.

5. He scored 80 confirmed air victories, but probably would have had many more if he had counted by the standards some did.

6. He flew in a bomber first, and was recruited in 1916 as a fighter pilot by Oswald Boelcke, a famous, decorated veteran of the air. Richthofen "didn’t dare think that he might have selected me to be one of his pupils."

7. His book Der Rote Kampfflieger, which described his methods, was sought after by English publishers even during the war.

8. The tri-plane he is known for had a lot of lift in its three wings, but was difficult to fly, and only came out at the end of the war. Most of his victories were scored in bi-planes.

9. The Red Baron never flew against Snoopy. However, Charles Schulz really did his research, and he is probably responsible for the Red Baron being the most recognizable symbol of World War 1.

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