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Vintage Aero Flying Museum location

The main collection of the VAFM is currently in a hangar at the Platte Valley Airpark, so the flying replicas can be flown. This location is about half an hour's drive northeast from central Denver.

Some of the collection is currently at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum.

The VAFM address is:

Vintage Aero Flying Museum
7507 County Rd 39
Ft Lupton, CO 80621
(303) 668-8044 

Directions to the hangar by car:

Go northeast from Denver on I-76.

Get off I-76 at Exit 31, going west on State Highway 52. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is also at this exit (if you go east), and there is a Best Western hotel at Exit 31, if you need a nearby place to stay.

After about 1.9 miles, turn right on County Road 41.

After about 1.5 miles, turn left on County Road 16.

After 1 mile turn right on County Road 39.

Google thinks you are now at the VAFM. But you aren't. Keep going north to the Platte Valley Airpark and turn left at the airport entrance where the control tower is. See map below or just drive past the control tower and westward among the taxiways; the museum is the hangar in the middle of the row of six big hangars on the north, the one with a Red Baron airplane weathervane on the peak of the hangar. You can park on the road/taxiway in front of the hangar.


Bathroom facilities have been upgraded, to facilities unavailable in 1918! You still have the more historically accurate choice, the giant unisex bathroom behind the hangar known as the outdoors, which was a common bathroom location for airfields 100 years ago. But there is also a porta-potty outside the museum, easily identified by its "O Club" label. (Enlisteds: use the trench behind it...) If you really need 2018-era facilities, you can walk back to the restrooms in the control tower.