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Knights Without Parachutes — jenny aircraft

Happy 100th birthday to Jenny (JN4)

jenny aircraft pilot training

Happy 100th birthday to Jenny (JN4)

Adapted from an article for History on a Shirt by Ewan Tallentire When you think of the great WWI aircraft, the first thing that comes to mind is the fighters. Germany had the Fokkers, the Red Baron's Dr.I and the powerful D.VII. Britain had the Sopwith Camel even before an imaginative beagle climbed into the "cockpit." The French had the sports car of them all, the Spad XIII. The Americans' most well-known aircraft of WWI was not a fighter; we fought the air war flying British Camels and S.E. 5a's, along with French Nieuports and Spads. America's great WWI aircraft served on the home...

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