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One hundred years ago today was Raoul Lufbery's sixth victory

raoul lufbery

In trying to keep up with all the events of World War I in general and aviation in particular, occasionally we come across a date which is notable that turns out to be, well, today - a hundred years ago, that is.

Today's event was a victory for Raoul Lufbery - his first as "the ace Raoul Lufbery." In other words, his first through fifth official victories came between 31 July and 16 August. Then none for a long time - until 27 December. Actually, though, "today's" was just his sixth confirmed victory, and probably nothing all that special to him. By the end of his life his confirmed victory tally was 16, but his own tally was 75 victories, and those who knew him believed the higher total - and that trust in his word was itself an honor not every pilot was given. 

Another event of December 27th, 1916 was that the Salisbury Evening Post from Salisbury, NC contained this note congratulating Lufbery ("home town" for this world traveler is a bit of a stretch, but it was at least Lufbery's father's home town.) 

HIS HOME TOWN SENDS GREETINGS TO LUFBERY. Wallingford, Conn., Dec. 21. The following message was cabled today by Borough Warden Martin to Major Raoul Lufbery of the La Fayette Escadrille: On behalf of the people of the Borough of Wallingford I hasten to congratulate you on your appointment as major, which you so richly deserve, and to extend to you greetings of the season, hoping that the war may soon end with the right of each man to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, secure through the heroic efforts of yourself and the other brave men who are fighting our battle."May God bless and protect you is the wish of your townspeople and of all the people of the United States."

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