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Perfect Christmas Present for WWI Aviation Buffs!

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Christmas Present for Those Who Love True WWI Adventure

The Luckiest Man Alive bookIt was a year and a half ago when Andy Parks gave a talk about the "Luckiest Man Alive." That would be Captain Hedley, the WWI ace who fell out of his airplane and survived. (And he wasn't the only one to do so; just the most spectacular confirmed story. Read Andy's talk for the story you might call the "second luckiest.") Also present at that talk were Dennis Hedley, who is Captain Hedley's grandson, and Jack Stokes Ballard, who had a manuscript for a book about Hedley, but hadn't found a publisher yet. 

Well, now it's published, and in time for Christmas too! See pictures of the cover, the author with the book, Andy Parks signing a copy, and Dennis Hedley showing off the story without which he wouldn't exist!  We hope to have copies available at Great War Stories Gift Shop soon, but in the meantime (because, like us, you just can't wait to get your hands on it) find it at Amazon.  

Jack Stokes Ballard with Luckiest Man Alive book

Andy Parks signing Luckiest Man Alive book

Dennis Hedley with grandfather's story

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