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New Tenth Mountain t-shirt and modified designs


We've added a new t-shirt design celebrating the Tenth Mountain Division. So it's not a World War 1 story, but the story of how the veterans who trained in Camp Hale came back to the Southwest and got a new industry going is also great, even if it's from that other war...you know, part 2 of the Great War.

Designer Ewan Tallentire also made a couple modifications while reprinting the Udet (Du Doch Nicht!!) shirt and the Sturmpanzerwagen shirt. So now we have some of the old and some of the new; be sure to order just the size ("L") for the old or the new size ("L NEW") for the new. 

In the new Du Doch Nicht!! shirt, there's an added color - blue-gray for Udet's uniform. Also Udet is standing a whole lot closer to you. And still staring, with that "You and what army?" kind of look in his eyes. 

The new Sturmpanzerwagen was a modification for the many history buffs at the Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous who are also buffs of a certain movie series. The new Sturmpanzerwagen has a historically inaccurate detail, as the soldier in the center of the picture is wearing one of those white plastic helmets not generally associated with Imperial Germany. Sorry about that, all you purist tank appreciators, but fear not, there are still some of the old kind left. 

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