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Dayton Dawn Patrol airshow causing postponements


Since the VAFM will be taking the SPAD to the Dawn Patrol airshow in Dayton this October, Andy Parks will not be available to hold the second-Saturday open house and talk that were scheduled for September 10th and October 8th. We were working on having a substitute talk, but the speaker is sick.

You could, of course, come to Dayton and talk to Andy in person!

Andy's planned talk about the Lost Battalion and Cher Ami, the heroic pigeon, will be postponed to the second Saturday in November, November 12th, also known as the day after the 98th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Since the gift shop will also be in Dayton, shipping for online orders will be delayed during the last week in September and the first week in October. Again, you can solve this problem by coming to Dayton and buying in person!

Speaking of plans, and thinking ahead to 2018, that's the year Andy's family has been waiting for...since about 1918! Contact him to get on the list for notifications about his plans for a Europe battlefield tour.

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