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Fokker D.VII mug


White Mug - Fokker D.VII D7 D-7 D-VII Ernst Udet Biplane

Ernst Udet Fokker D.VII

White 12-ounce mug commemorating the Vintage Aero Flying Museum's 2010 trip to Oshkosh with three Fokker replicas. This one is the Fokker built by Dr. James Parks with the help of Andy Parks in the 1970s, and painted in Ernst Udet's colors.

These mugs are created by heat transfer and will fade near heat sources.  The design is not dishwasher safe.

On the front is an illustration of a Fokker D.VII (also known as Fokker D7 or Fokker D-7) with "D.VII" below the aircraft, and "FOKKER" on the side of the mug. On back is the history of this aircraft (see below) and at the bottom on the side is the logo and contact information for the Vintage Aero Flying Museum.

The history as printed on the mug:
"Fokker D.VII: One of the best WWI fighters, it entered service in 1918, and was the only aircraft specifically mentioned in the Armistice Agreement.
"The colors and markings are those of Oberleutnant Ernst Udet, the highest-scoring (62 victories) ace to survive the war. "Du doch nicht", meaning "No you don't" was his message on the tail surfaces to attackers from the rear. Between the wars, he was well-known as an adventurer and flew in several movies. He lived to test-fly and promote dive bombers in early WWII.
"Built from original blueprints by Dr. James J. Parks, this aircraft has been in the family, flying, for 40 years."

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