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History on a Shirt

Sturmpanzerwagen t-shirt


Imperial Crawler Sturmpanzerwagen Short Sleeve Black 100% Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

Under the imperial command of the Kaiser in World War Episode I, the Sturmpanzerwagen crawled across Europe at terrifying speeds up to 3 miles per hour. This first German attempt at a tank held 18 men, not little hooded droid kidnappers. Only 20 were ever made, and it had an unfortunate tendency to tip over. 

The shirt is yellow, tan, and red ink on a black shirt, showing "World War I" in yellow in a recognizable font with a red "1914" and "1918" embedded in the I.  Below that is "Imperial Crawler" in yellow, and then the tank itself, with 9 of its crew on or in front of it. At the bottom is "Sturmpanzerwagen" in red in a serious Germanic font.

We now have two versions of the artwork. The new one looks just the same at a glance, but it has one little detail changed: the soldier in the center of the design is now the fictional kind of storm trooper. See the detail picture with the arrow. Note that the actual shirt does not have the arrow or the words "NEW ARTWORK" on it; that's just to be clear which design is which. You can order the new version by ordering a size that says new, for instance "L NEW".

This shirt is intended as a demonstration that truth is stranger, and more complex, and funnier, than fiction.

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