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History on a Shirt

War t-shirt


War 1914 Short Sleeve Ivory 100% Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

The t-shirt is black ink on a 100% cotton Gildan shirt.

War began in 1914 as a result of Archduke Ferdinand's assassination. The month of August saw the war turn literally into a world war, as declarations of war by Germany, Russia, France, Britain, Liberia, Australia, Japan, and many more came almost daily throughout the month.

The statements on the shirt are not all exactly literal, in order to fit them all onto a t-shirt. For instance, it depends on your point of view to define when war started in a case where one country invades another before actually bothering to declare war. Our advice is - get a good history and read the details for yourself!

The t-shirt is black ink on ivory, to echo the colors of an old newspaper. The design on the front shows the years of the war, with the still-to-come years faded out. The design on the back shows men shooting one of the big guns against the background of the word WAR, above the following list of who declared war on who in August 1914.

Jul 28 Austria-Hungary on Serbia
Aug 1 Germany on Russia
Aug 3 Germany on France
Aug 4 Germany invades Belgium
Aug 4 Britain, Canada, NZ, Australia, Liberia on Germany
Aug 5 Montenegro on Austria-Hungary
Aug 6 Austria-Hungary on Russia
Aug 6 Serbia on Germany
Aug 10 France on Austria-Hungary
Aug 11 Montenegro on Germany
Aug 12 Britain, Canada, NZ, Australia, on Austria-Hungary
Aug 23 Japan on Germany
Aug 25 Japan on Austria-Hungary
Aug 27 Austria-Hungary on Belgium

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