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Your free printable Du Doch Nicht paper airplane

Du Doch Nicht paper airplaneWe hope you'll enjoy the great war stories hinted at in the factoids listed on this paper airplane.

Download your Du Doch Nicht 1916 Flying Factoid paper airplane here. It is a three-page PDF file (956 KB) designed for printing the first two pages back-to-front. The third page is instructions for folding. If you can't print back-to-front, that's okay; most of the color is on the first page anyway. It just means the tail of the fuselage will be white instead of red. 

This airplane will work just fine if all you have is scissors, but if you are a detail person, a craft knife, straightedge, and bone folder/non-working ball-point pen (to score the lines) will give you a more precise result.

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