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History on a Shirt

Wright Brothers t-shirt


Wright Brothers Careers Inventions Short Sleeve Navy 100% Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

Wright: Three Careers, Two Brothers, One Invention That Changed the World

Commemorating Wilbur and Orville Wright, and their Wright Flyer airplane that changed the world as air travel began in 1903. Their three careers began with printing, a trade they learned from their father. They printed newspapers, periodicals, and tracts, and built their own press: the one shown in the image. 

Next they started a bicycle shop ("safety" bicycles with equal-sized wheels were a recent innovation), which gave them mechanical experience and money to develop the Wright Flyer.  

The Kitty Hawk flight of 1903 was not the first flight, or the first manned flight, or the first heavier-than-air flight, but it was the first controlled, powered, heavier-than-air, manned flight - basically, it was the first thing in the category we now call an airplane.

Image description:

This t-shirt shows the Wright brothers in the center of the image. Below them is the printing press and a bicycle, above them flies the first airplane. Around the oval frame is the text "Three Careers Two Brothers One Invention" and in the title across the bottom of the oval is "WRIGHT" and below the title is the text "That changed the world."

The shirt is yellow ink on a navy blue 100% cotton Gildan shirt.

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