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History on a Shirt

Aviation fine art print - F4U Corsair "Through the Clouds"


The story:
Though the US Navy rejected the F4U, one of the fastest piston-driven fighters of all time, it fought well for the British Royal Navy and the US Marine Corps. Its distinctive shape, defined by inverted gull wings, kept its nose up and propeller off the ground but allowed the landing gear to be short and thus better for carrier landings. The F4U served in World War II and Korea and even shot down a MiG in Korea. This print shows the nightmare of Japanese pilots - an F4U diving out of the sun.

The print:

Limited edition (50) print of original artwork by Ewan Tallentire. The style of art could be said to be a true caricature (not a cartoon) since the F4U is drawn with slight exaggeration to bring out its character. Ewan started with simple caricatures for t-shirts, but found himself putting more and more detail and background into them. Eventually he did a series of art prints turning the caricatures into serious aviation art.

Print details:

The printing is high quality on acid-free stock. Size is 8" x 10" with approximately 1/8" white border. Shipped flat with cardboard backing. The print does not come framed but is suitable for framing.

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