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Red Tri-plane baseball cap


Red Tri-plane baseball cap


Baseball Cap - Red Baron Dr.I Lafayette Foundation

Support the Lafayette Foundation with the purchase of this hat, embroidered with the famous red Dreidecker 1 of Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, and symbol of WWI aviation.

Richthofen, who was an actual baron, scored 80 confirmed victories before his death in 1918. He was honored even by his enemies with an elaborate funeral, and is remembered as the overall Ace of Aces for all countries in WWI.

The Lafayette Foundation started with the Lafayette Escadrille, the squadron of Americans flying for France before the US entered the war. As more Americans started flying for France, they flew in other squadrons besides the Escadrille, but all together they were called the Lafayette Flying Corps. The final reunion of the Lafayette Flying Corps was in 1983, when Dr. James Parks was given the mission of remembering the Lafayette Flying Corps. The Lafayette Foundation carries on that mission through the Vintage Aero Flying Museum.

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