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Mission: Dawn Patrol dvd


Mission: Dawn Patrol DVD

A film by Art Annecharico and Russ Wiltse. Narrated by Hugh Downs, legendary broadcaster and active pilot with ratings from multi-engine to hot air balloons.

Widescreen edition

Running time: 62 minutes

From the back of the DVD case:

"This is as close to flying in a WWI airplane as you'll likely ever get... Beautifully photographed..."
- Tony Bill, Academy Award winning producer, director of "Flyboys" and pilot
"Incorporating World War I film footage brings captivating historical relevance to the flight from Colorado to Dayton"
- Dr. Jack Ballard, Former Air Force Academy history professor
"Stunning aerial footage! ... The story of these pilots brought history alive." - Greg Morehead, Warbird Digest
Experience the majesty of flight! WWI aircraft filmed in High Definition combined with original rare WWI footage. Feel what it is like to fly in an open cockpit plane, just like the "Red Baron" did in his Fokker tri-plane.
The MISSION: Challenge three modern day pilots to fly cross-country in Fokker airplanes originally designed as fighter aircraft which flew only short distances per mission.
The JOURNEY: To fly from the Vintage Aero Flying Museum in Colorado to the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous of WWI aircraft at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. A round-trip of over 3,000 miles!
Will the challenges of flying these vintage airplanes prove too much for these experienced pilots? ....or will it be Mission Accomplished?


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